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The E.I.C., The Pie, And The Empty Plate…

So after getting the Hairy Bikers pie book out of the library we’ve now had to buy it and have spread the joy. Penny at her blog and I are going to bake and blog our way through some of it’s excellent pages.

First up apple pie.

I have a great weakness for fruit pies, although I hadn’t managed to convince the rest of my family of their merits. I haven’t made sweet pastry before, but the instructions were pretty straight forward and I have an excellent large wooden rolling pin 😉

The filling was really easy, so once the pastry was done it was fast to assemble. I didn’t bother with the decorative leaves, as I thought it’d be better to make the extra pastry into shapes for the non-pie eaters. Little did I know.

As it cooked our whole kitchen started to smell like an american sit-com and Mr 12 (I don’t like hot fruit), and my dearly beloved (I only like meat pies) decided it smelt so good they’d have a tiny try……

The evidence

So the pie was a success, but it really did need some of our cooking apples to do it justice.

Our Apples

It’s too early in the season for our apples so I had to use the end of season, too sweet apples from the supermarket in it. Next time I’ll make it in season with our own apples, and I’ll buy some vanilla ice-cream-yum.



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