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The Desperate Cooking Of The Desperate Biker Pie

The E.I.C. and Penny are cooking there way through The Hairy Bikers Perfect Pies. Except this week I sort took over – herself being not so much a meat person I get to cook the savoury pies… nom nom nom…

So this week it was the Desperate Biker Pie. A big meaty with horns rising from the middle. We were schedule to cook it on the Saturday but things didn’t work quite like planned. I didn’t read the recipe properly and started cooking the middle about an hour and a half before it was due to go in – not realising it needed to be cassaroled for nearly two and a half hours! As this meant the pie wouldn’t be ready until eight we decided to cook the middle and then do the pie on Sunday.

We were cheating a bit and had got pre-rolled sheets of puff pasty. Life is just too short to roll and then roll and then roll puff pastry. Everything was out and defrosted this afternoon and we were ready to start with the construction. First up roll some tinfoil into horn-shapes to use as molds for the horns. But lo we had our second problem–no tin foil! The E.I.C. improvised using her fingers 😆

What a horn should look like
Our pie


Now for the important bit–taste! It was delicious. Nom nom nom… Next time we might be a bit more prepared though!


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