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The Massed Ranks!

They may just be something seriously wrong with us 😆

Late yesterday the boys gathered up as many of their toy cars and lined them up on the rug in the lounge. After they had gone to bed the E.I.C. and myself were watching some Star Trek: The Next Generation. The E.I.C. decided that the ranks were not lined up properly and organised them into loosely colour coordinated rows. I then came along and made sure they were nice and neatly placed close to each other and all facing the right way.

Should I be worried?

Family · Humour

Pie challenge part 3- Samosas

The first plate of Mr12

We’ve never tried making samosas before even though most of us like eating them.  The Hairy Bikers recipe seemed pretty straight forward, but it did need prep done earlier in the day, so we waited til the weekend.

The doings

Michael made the spicy chicken and vege filling with me on chopping duty (his idea of small enough is not the same as mine-lol).  I was also on pastry creation.  It was an easier pastry than I’d feared 🙂

The FryingCome dinner time all we had to do was assemble the samosas and heat up the deep fryer (What a happy sentence that is).  Despite my worries that my samosas would explode, they cooked beautifully into fried brown goodness.  Mr 12 ate until he was putting pressure on his trackpants elastic.  Luckily we’d made way too much filling, so there was enough for several bowls of it as a side dish and 4 puff pastry oven cooked versions as well (puff pastry left over from the last pie…)

The eating

We loved this recipe, and will make it again for sure, but with all the garlic and spices it’s best eaten with close friends or family and is probably not suitable as  ‘take to work leftovers’ 😉