Thank-you! -an E.I.C post

Thanks for all your suggestions, support and advice on our secondary school dilemma.  We really appreciate it 🙂

We’re going to a boarding school open day/ sleepover in May to have a look, we have the homeschool exemption application on file and we’ll also go to the open days at the local college… Until we’ve been to an open day or two we can’t make a firm decision, but whichever way we go we sure hope we make the right one…

It’s a harsh truth but our schooling system while mostly excellent is not set up to cope with those children who are ‘outliers’.  By its nature it has to provide to the broadest base possible.  What this has meant for us is lots of work at home to provide enough support for our much-loved ‘outlier’ to function in the system.  College with its  hormones and steep learning curves seems that much scarier to us as parents.

I don’t know that there is a simple answer, I just hope that we can make a choice that allows our Mr 12 to look back on secondary school as a mostly good experience.

Wish us luck.



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