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I Had A Plan To Do 365 Photos But It Went Spurg On The First Day

I had a plan last night to do a 365 days of photos thing on here. I thought I would take a picture every morning as I walked out the front door for the first time each day and then upload it. The quality wouldn’t be great but I thought it might be a semi-interesting to do.

Except I had a failure at the first – that being it was so dark at 5am this morning that my picture was of black nothing. That was not what I had in mind. I might start tomorrow morning as I try and figure out what to do for Monday mornings… In the dark… And Cold… And wet…

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Poor Little Mouse

We know it is getting colder when from the roof comes the scritch scratch rustle as mice try to move into the roof cavity for the winter. It is actually quite amazing how loud they sound, as we thought at first we may have rats moving in.

Now my daily routine includes poking my head up into the ceiling to check the rat trap. This morning it held two cute dead little mice. Poor wee things, all they want is somewhere warm and dry to sleep, and breed, and defecate, and breed, and eat, and breed… Yeah did I mention breed?

While we have a lot of sympathy for them they can go do it somewhere else. So two down and only¬†potentially several hundred to go ūüėÜ

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A Night Full of Errors: A Comedy Of Sorts With Blood and Swearing

After our most successful visit to Auckland we needed to have a night that would remind us not to be too complacent.

We started with a minor irritant as the trough we had filled for the pony emptied from a slow leak somewhere. We have others but they are less maneuverable so we were a little put out.

After dropping Mr12¬†at Scouts we returned home to feed Mr5. Mr5 being very tired after the trip had a total meltdown where he didn’t want to eat anything, or go to bed. The inevitable happened and he gave himself a nose bleed.

With Mr5¬†finally in bed asleep I headed out to pick up Mr12. At Scouts he had been playing¬†a game of evasion in the dark amongst¬†the trees – you know where this is going don’t you – and he managed to run full tilt into a raised¬†wooden bar between two trees. He had an impressive raised bump graze on his shin. He was walking on it with only a little limp so I brought him home. Having him sit on the couch we tried to clean him up, only for him to loose¬†it and start to go into shock. Fearing a fracture we rang the local hospital who told us to ring the ambulance which we did. I was told to wait in the car at the end of our long driveway with the hazards and lights on to help them find us. (Living in the country does that.)

Unfortunately¬†the instructions on our place were mangled¬†and the ambulance¬†took nearly an hour to get here even though it is only 12 minutes from town. They had a lovely night time¬†drive in¬†the countryside though. By this time we had managed to get Mr12¬†to put a ice pack on the swelling and he was feeling better. The ambulance¬†people said it didn’t look broken, but if¬†really sore take him to the doctors in the morning.

I had returned to the house to possibly ring again when they arrived and was caught up in talking to the ambulance people so I forgot to go back to the car and turn the lights off. As the ambulance left I went to bring the car back up the drive but the batteries had run flat.

It was all just a little not funny, yet very funny ūüėܬ†Hopefully today will be better…

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In Which We Travel To Auckland, See Some Dragons, Go To The Movies and Find Some Fish

On the weekend we travelled to Auckland to see How To Train Your Dragon the Arena Spectacular.¬† We headed up late on Thursday afternoon after I had finished working for the day. We found a nice Fish and Chip shop in Taupo for tea, and managed the trip with minimal stops. The boys were great ūüôā

The next morning, friday, was lovely and while the kids hit the beach with the E.I.C. I set myself up with the laptop on the Grandparents table and worked. They have a fabulous view across the harbor, and seeing as the day was so nice it was a tad distracting. Despite that I managed to get some good work done.

On the Saturday we headed into town to see How To Train Your Dragon. ¬†The show was really good, with the whole¬†family enjoying it. There was this bit where Hiccup the main character is harnessed¬†and half way up a wall. They projected a path which moved and he pretended to run along it. The effect was really clever. The dragons were of course fangtastic!¬† Even though in the flight scene they got out of synch and Toothless appeared to be flying backwards ūüėÜ The flying Toothless had a fault and didn’t come back so they had to go the alternative ending.

For the evening we went to the movies for the first time in ages. We saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which was a sweet movie. I confess that I may adopt the line “It will be alright in the end and if it isn’t alright it isn’t the end” as a motto…

Sunday we mooched¬†around on the beach before leaving after tea. The traffic heading south was good, and we were glad we weren’t heading north into Auckland. The snarlup before Huntly looked frustrating!¬† In the end the trips only took around six hours which were a lot quicker than we expected.

Today I am on holiday… ūüôā And I plan not to do much. Though we need to get things sorted for the pony.

Emptying the trough which we were using as a fish pond (we didn’t think any of the fish survived) we discovered a good dozen or so fish, so we have had to do an emregancy transplant to another water trough which is more difficult to transport…

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Pepsi: In Which We Visit A Pony And Decide To Bring It Home…

Pepsi: Scanned photo from 2008 given to us by current owner.
Pepsi: Scanned photo from 2008 given to us by current owner.

This morning we went for a drive up the Bay to visit a pony. We have toyed with the idea of getting¬†a pony¬†for a while but have been put¬†off by the cost. We did decide recently however to investigate properly what we would need to do if we were to get a pony. After a few emails with some pony people we were asked¬†if we wanted to see a pony which they were looking to re-home for free. Sure we said, no harm in just looking. Those famous last words again ūüėÜ

So off we went to visit Pepsi a 12 year old category B miniature pony.  She is a good natured little thing and both boys fell in love with her. Nek minute there we were agreeing to take her on. She will be arriving in a couple of weeks after we have been to Auckland for the live show of  How to Train Your Dragon.

Now we just need to sort some brushes, hay and fencing out…