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A Night Full of Errors: A Comedy Of Sorts With Blood and Swearing

After our most successful visit to Auckland we needed to have a night that would remind us not to be too complacent.

We started with a minor irritant as the trough we had filled for the pony emptied from a slow leak somewhere. We have others but they are less maneuverable so we were a little put out.

After dropping Mr12 at Scouts we returned home to feed Mr5. Mr5 being very tired after the trip had a total meltdown where he didn’t want to eat anything, or go to bed. The inevitable happened and he gave himself a nose bleed.

With Mr5 finally in bed asleep I headed out to pick up Mr12. At Scouts he had been playing a game of evasion in the dark amongst the trees – you know where this is going don’t you – and he managed to run full tilt into a raised wooden bar between two trees. He had an impressive raised bump graze on his shin. He was walking on it with only a little limp so I brought him home. Having him sit on the couch we tried to clean him up, only for him to loose it and start to go into shock. Fearing a fracture we rang the local hospital who told us to ring the ambulance which we did. I was told to wait in the car at the end of our long driveway with the hazards and lights on to help them find us. (Living in the country does that.)

Unfortunately the instructions on our place were mangled and the ambulance took nearly an hour to get here even though it is only 12 minutes from town. They had a lovely night time drive in the countryside though. By this time we had managed to get Mr12 to put a ice pack on the swelling and he was feeling better. The ambulance people said it didn’t look broken, but if really sore take him to the doctors in the morning.

I had returned to the house to possibly ring again when they arrived and was caught up in talking to the ambulance people so I forgot to go back to the car and turn the lights off. As the ambulance left I went to bring the car back up the drive but the batteries had run flat.

It was all just a little not funny, yet very funny 😆 Hopefully today will be better…


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