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365 Photos: The 1pm Picture Number Twenty-Nine!

Today’s 1pm pic is of a happy place on a cold day – the inside of the firebox all red and glowing…


Warmth on a cold day
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The Sun Rises On Another Year Of Me…

It’s my birthday! Yahoo! 🙂

I like birthdays; I think growing older is cool. You get to do new things, learn new knowledge, enjoy the world and time as it passes.  I don’t generally dwell on “milestone” birthdays. An age, is an age, is an age.

Which is why I was rather surprised to find myself feeling introspective as this my 39th birthday approached. Which means next year I shall be 40. Hmmm

I am not particularly concerned about turning 40 next year, but I am vaguely aware that that’s half my life gone.

It’s been a good life so far. Yes my academic life wasn’t as good as it probably should have been, and my working career isn’t a spectacular example of forward-moving-go-get-em-achievement. But I am happy with where I am and feel I do a good job.

I have a lovely wife and two great kids who seem to be on the right track to becoming awesome adults. I think I would put an over-achieved in that column.

While my writing has also under achieved, I have written two novels. And people are actually buying the first one.

Health wise I am ok. I am not a shining example for the kids of healthy fitness, but I am not a complete slob.

Goal wise I want to do better with my writing, continue to grow the kids into well adjusted adults, and be happy.  Yet I feel I should maybe have more goals? When I write the equivalent post on my fortieth next year what do I want to see looking back?

I think I really want to be able to say that I took that little part of me that is full of self-doubt and self-sabotage and locked it away. That in a year if I can say I worked hard on my writing and finding the balance between work/writing/home and achieved a good balance that will be good.

I defiantly want to do something about my fitness levels. I am not going to be crazy and say I want to run a marathon or anything, just be a healthier version of me.

Writing wise I am not going to set word goals, rather I am going to try and find an hour a day to write. There is only one day in a fortnight where that would be really difficult.

So yeah there we go. That’s enough of that. 😆