365 Pictures

365 Photos: The 1pm Picture Number Forty-Nine!

Today’s 1pm pic is brought to you by the play of light and shadows through a perplex window and scaffolding…

Shadows and light

365 Photos: A Slacker Posts

Well, not really a slacker. Today will be a third day with no 1pm pic due to the fact that other stuff has occupied my time. Is this the end of that experiment only 48 pictures in? No it is not – I will still do 365 pics, they just won’t happen over the course of a year 🙂


Tuatara: For Those Who May Want To Know

If perchance you happen by the Victoria University Kelburn campus and want to see the Tuatara you can see them here:

Tuatara on Campus

Unfortunately I can’t seem to find any real details about the programme. At one point I know they were thinking of having them on web-cam but that doesn’t seem to have eventuated. Anyway for some reading look here: http://www.victoria.ac.nz/sbs/research/ecology-biodiversity-research/tuatara-biology/tuatara-biology

Family · Humour

The Short Tale Of The Perfect Meringues That Weren’t

Tonight the E.I.C., otherwise now known to many on Twitter as @ParryKylie, is baking meringues. These meringues will of course be magnificent examples of the bakers art, seeing as she is a baking goddess. 🙂

However, doubt may have crept into the hearts of the waiting devotees. For the E.I.C. tells a tale of high woe.

Evidently a few weeks ago she did make the perfect meringues. They were beaten to perfection, lovely white peaks dolloped onto the baking paper. They were placed carefully into the oven – pre-heated just so. Monitored in the oven the E.I.C. saw that they were cooked to perfection, so she turned the oven off, and as you are supposed to do (I am told) left to cool in the oven.

But these meringues did not grace our tables – no they are The Meringues Of Myth. For you see the E.I.C. did forget that she had the meringues in the oven, and turned the oven back on to pre-heat it for tea! And lo she did wail and gnash her teeth and feed the now burnt perfect meringues to the dogs.

Tonight though there is no such danger, and as such we are confident in our meringue eating future – tea has already been cooked! 😆