We Have Made “Pranks” Free For Two Days!

Kylie has decided to make Pranks free for two days, so go get it while you can 🙂

Pranks by Kylie Parry

Why Sky Is Not My Happy Place This Morning

Rant time:

So a little while ago we upgraded to MySky. We have only a few programmes we really like watching and sometimes they were on at the same time, so we wanted the ability to record them and watch later.

At the time they said we could have the HD upgrade for free. Since we don’t have a HD TV we said no thank you. We were told it comes automatically on start up and that we needed to ring up and cancel. Which I did.

Except when we next received our statement for Sky there was a charge for the service on it.

I ring up and cancel again asking at the time why the charge was even on the bill as if we were getting the service it was supposed to be free! Get feed this line about this dodgy practice that Sky still charges for a free service, and then refunds you on the next bill (WTF?) how on earth does that work! Anyway I thought it was sorted except the direct debit has gone through and they still took the payment for the free service we don’t want and can’t use!

If I wasn’t such a polite person I would swear left right and center. 😦