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The Case Of Exercise and Unintended Consequences

Hello. *waves*

How are you? It’s been a while since I said anything. You may have missed me but probably not 😆

Recently it was suggested I should exercise a bit more. You know, healthy living and all that. Periodically I go through bouts of it and maybe do two sessions or maybe three but no more than that.

Well this time there was some mutual egging and revving going on and myself, the E.I.C. and the Wellington Landlady agreed to do this Couch-to-5k program. It is meant to take you from running nothing to running 5ks or half an hour (depends on how fast you run and if you go by distance or timing) in nine weeks using interval training.

We are up to week four and today I did the first of the five minutes intervals.  This is going well and I am actually enjoying it. Well that’s what I tell myself afterwards anyway. At the time I am dying!

Every-time you do something like this there are usually some sort of unintended consequences.  Today I developed a spot on my nose. This is the first time in years I have had one. It must be the running I say—maybe I am detoxing or it’s just from sweet on the face (I know TMI).

So there you go. Hopefully the next update won’t be so long in coming… 🙂


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