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Running in The Heat, Technology and Tea


Monday: I awake to bright sunlight as birds are singing at 5 in the morning. Does Queensland have daylight savings? I will need to check. I went for a run a 6am. Brisbane has a lovely running/cycling track and at that time of the morning it was filled with equal parts beautiful people and people aspiring to be beautiful people. It was very hot and I am sure I sweated even more calories.

I have to say that Brisbane is rather lovely first thing in the morning, although there were a large number of homeless people sleeping under the bridges and along the sides of the running track.

After breakfast I headed down to the venue to hope onto Educause so I could do some posting from the laptop. Alas technology wasn’t for me as it wouldn’t connect. Neither would the phone. At lunch I went back to the hotel and got the iPad and that worked, and thus I was connected. I SO miss the Internet when I can’t access it.

The sessions at the CAIRSS Community Days (the work thing I am at) have been very informative and I think I have a lot to take back to work already. After the very convivial drinkies myself and most of the Kiwi contingent went and found a restaurant for tea. I had a lovely bit of steak 🙂 It was a good day.

I will be chairing a session this morning (Tuesday) and I feel quite positive that it will be a good day again.

It’s looking a little windier out today but I am sure we will hit the high 20’s low 30’s (celsius) again temperature wise.


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