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Lizards, Pasta And Phones

Brisbane: Tuesday.

Up again at 6 in the morning I blogged and watched some TV before having breakfast with colleagues. The food at the hotel hasn’t been so bad.

There was another full day of sessions at the Community Days, during which I chaired a session and also acted as the wrangler for the Kiwi user group breakout.  It was a useful day and I think I have some more bits to take back to work.

After the day had finished we wondered back to the hotel. As we did we saw a lizard basking on the concrete of the University. I felt a lack of smart phone as the others took pictures. 😦 We decided to have a walk around the botanical gardens but they were closed because of a music festival so walked around the outside by the river. Again there were lots of interesting fauna and flora. The lizards and bird life were everywhere and there were lots of opportunities for pictures.

We met up with more colleagues and headed for this Italian place for tea. It was the most interesting setup. On arrival we were individually given a smart card. We then lined up at a counter and when we reached the front swiped the card before ordering with the chef who then cooked the dish in front of us. We could also swipe the card at a number of bars around the different floors to get drinks.  At the end you took the card to the counter where they swiped it, tallied your bill and you paid. It was very popular and really nice. 🙂


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