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Adventures In Moving

So we have made it to Wellington. We have this fabulous view which encompasses Karori and on one angle a brief flirtatious glimpse of the sea. We can feel our calves and thighs developing with the many, many trips up and down the stairs.

The movers were impressive, although they weren’t impressed with the stairs up to the house. We of course have spent far to much on the shift, but what can you do?

Everybody is enjoying the new house and the new city, as we start to settle into new routines.

On the not so great side it took four days for us to get phone, internet and TV. I have to say the phone lines people here in Wellington are really not very customer focused. Felt they were rude and unhelpful.

We have gained two very large three seater couches. Mainly because they can’t be taken out of the house! The previous owners must have put them in the lounge, before they took out the back door and put a pantry in its [the doors] place. To remove, or get any really large piece of furniture into the lounge, we need to take them through a window which is on the second story and needs scaffolding!

Here is one of the views – not bad huh?

Not bad view from lounge window.
Not bad view from lounge window.