Family · Humour

A Bed I Say, A Bed

The youngest T.B.T was due to turn 7. His bed was falling apart, and the mattress was poked. Something had to be done!

We looked at beds at the local shops but they were all a bit boring. In the end though we found the bed below on Trademe. It was just what we wanted, so after some complex financial transactions that the details need not be shared we received six packages containing the kit-set. Fortunately I was home with the nearly Mr. 7 who was sick.  I checked my Mancard credentials, and they were up to date so I set out to build the bed.

It would be wrong to say there were no bad words said, nor grumpy growls, but six hours later I finished the bed. Mostly. The E.I.C when she got home tightened some of the bolts with the Alan key as my poor hands couldn’t do it any more and they were still a little loose.  But we finished 🙂



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