They’re Objectives Not Resolutions Allright…

As the New Year fast approaches it is time to think about what one wants to achieve in the next year. This often takes the form of New Year resolutions that you are supposed to kick into from January 1st. I have never been one to think that New Year resolutions hold, often because folks are often too busy recovering from New Year’s celebrations to take actions. So this year I have decided to set some general objectives. Objectives that are achievable. I am also starting them before the New Years.

My 2014 objectives are going to come under five broad categories: health, writing, reading, work and study.


Heading towards the ripe old age of 41 I need to watch the health. Last year we did the Couch-to-5K running program, which I finished but didn’t carry on.  I am blaming the shift of cities.

Objective 1: Complete the C-2-5K program again.

Objective 2: Maintain running at least 3 times a week once the C-2-5K is complete.


Yeah the writing hasn’t been going well. I do have a short story in a collection with an actual paper print run, but otherwise don’t talk to me about writing. This needs to change.

Objective 3: write at least 500 words of new fiction per day.

Objective 4: Blog at least once per week – I have noticed that when I was blogging regularly I was writing more fiction wise.


I have also noticed that since I am not writing am not reading. There maybe a correlation in there. Although at various points I have binged on listening to stories so it isn’t all bad.

Objective 5: Have something I am reading at all times – spend at least half an hour a day just reading and the Internet doesn’t count.


Work has been going well but this year I want it to be stellar. It is a bit hard to put general objectives around work but…

Objective 5: Set three achievable extension tasks each week and meet them.


I have this thing I want to do which I will write about over at The Room of Infinite Diligence which hopefully will lead to a Master of Arts with thesis.

Objective 6: Have study and research at such a place that I have been accepted into a MA program.

Yeah, so there we go. The good news for me is I am already achieving a couple of the objectives having already run my C-2-5K this morning and written this 🙂



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