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In Da Nile and Other Such Nonsense – Or Should I be Brave?

At the start of the year I listed some objectives for the coming year. All right they were New year resolutions but since I don’t think they work I had to call them something else all right? And I started them last year so technically they weren’t to do with New Year? And they were going well. I was running and writing.

Then I got a little bit sick. I might have been in denial about how sick. They don’t send you to hospital for a mild case of a chest infection. The doctors have told me several different things about what I had, but what ever, it was a serious chest thing. This has put a great stomping hole in my objectives, and I have been hiding in CivV for the last few weeks. But I am better now, so I need to dust off the objectives and get back into it. Yeah. Just a few more turns….

Actually one of the things from all this is an epiphany/realization.  I am a bit of hermit and being that sick has made me come to the conclusion that I should probably be a tad more social. This is not a natural thing for me. I know a number of folks around Wellington but my main interaction with them is virtually. Actually a lot of them it is solely virtually. I think this should change so I am adding a new objective of being more social. How I am going to achieve this is a little problematic. Being a hermit and all. *Hide, hide people may talk to me*.

I was randomly thinking of randomly inviting twitter folks to something but… Yeah… One more turn I have a city to conquer…. 😆