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Operation Just Do It.

So it’s been well over a year since I posted anything. That’s shocking.

Looking back I was starting to do objectives and stuff and a little writing and then it all went somewhere. Ah well.

Anyway, 42 has come which is good, but that with some other stuff has hit home home that really life’s to short to fart around.

So I have started Operation Just Do It, or Operation Stop Farting Around, orĀ Operation Take charge. I am lucky with a lovely family and we are doing well, but my fitness is not what it should be, and I keep putting off doing things like writing. Either I want to be a writer and write, or I don’t; I need to get too it or stop pretending.

So the new plan; stop putting things off and just do them. No objectives per say – just a commitment to every day do something I would normally put off.

Today that was running this morning, baking tonight and writing this.

Tomorrow will be something else.

Anyway – Happy New Year šŸ˜‰