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Starting A Fresh?

Recently I have been thinking about writing again. I have even written a few words. Which is good, however still don’t ask me about how it’s going. Maybe later if this new push works I’ll talk about it.

Anyho, I’ve been thinking about my most successful period of writing, as in when I wrote The Spiral Tattoo, and trying to figure out what was happening then that I managed to get that flow of characters onto the page.

One thing I think I was doing was blogging regularly. This has not happened in many years. So step one of getting the flow back is to start blogging again. Not just here but on my writing site and the library site.

Writing here will be probably the easiest, as I can just go with the flow on anything, the writing site can have some cross pollination, however the library site will be the most difficult.

So starting off without sleeping on the train this post is brought to you by the Transzmetro Wairarapa train service. I’m slowly getting used to the 5am alarm to get the 6.02am train. I am looking forward to day light savings ending and having a bit more light in the morning.


Verily, then, look forward to more random thoughts from early in the morning on the train.


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