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The Daily Blog Conundrum

The Daily Blog Conundrum

conundrum 1When writing a blog every day, or even with any regularity, one starts to consider ones topics. If one is travelling, or doing a project, or whatever activity that lends itself to regular reports it is fairly easy. If, however, one is simply blogging daily life it can get more complicated.

Does one fill ones blog with regular reviews? Photos of cats? Photos of food? It tends to be a mixture of content. Also is this a diary, should it be written at the end of the day? Once upon a time I think people thought of blogging like public sharing of diaries but I think the open nature of the blog means that is very much less so.kitten

For me there comes an inevitable point where I start considering blogging thoughts on politics, philosophy and spirituality. So far I have resisted the urge mainly by thinking no-one wants another cis, middle aged white guy pontificating on the web.

Of course that would mean one thought folks actually read this. 😆

I have been contemplating a series of longish posts which are more me trying to work out thoughts and questions than to say anything that could be meaningful. It may still happen but so far the resistance is strong.badger

As you can tell I opened up my Surface (Hmmm maybe I should review technology at some point – might need a spreadsheet of potential topics) once on the train and starred at the blanks screen trying to think of what to write. So you get a stream of conscious (with a little post editing) as today’s entry. Ah well.

babybadgerSo for today have this post with random pictures of animals. 🙂


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