Humour · Ruminations

Old Man Hair

I think one of the biggest traumas in growing old is old man hair.

First the hair on your head starts go grey, then it starts to disappear, and then the worst thing happens. It starts to reappear in strange places!

Your ears start to sprout great tufts of thin hair, then it migrates down your back (which has the advantage I guess of warmth retention. Then in other strange places. Towards the end it sprouts like a vine from your nose and your eyebrows become great furry caterpillars.

eyebrowsI am telling you this as I contemplate taking scissors to my eyebrows before they take over my glasses and I can’t take them off anymore. I’m sure they have become sentient so if you never hear from me again it is due to my eyebrows resisting the Great Trim of 2017!


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