Conquering Mountains


I work on the seventh floor of the library. Currently due to last years #EQNZ event we have no lifts, nor are we likely to for some time. Climbing the stairs is giving us lots of exercise.

One of the things that is keeping some of us amused is working out how long until we have climbed the equivalent of various mountains. 🙂 The maths goes like this:

Each set of steps between floors is around 15 feet.

Going from level 1 to level 7 would be 6*15=90 feet.

If I do the steps 3 times a day from level 1 to 7 – I do 270 feet a day

  • Mount Everest is 29,030 feet – it will take me 107 days to climb or around 21 working weeks.
  • Aoraki Mount Cook 12,218 feet –  it will take me 45 days to climb or around 9 working weeks.
  • Mount Taranaki 6,450  feet –  it will take me 23 days to climb or around 4.5 working weeks.
  • Mount Victoria 643 feet –  it will take me 2 days to climb or around .4 working weeks.

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