The Mix Tape For What Ever We Are Calling This Decade – Spotify Playlist

musical-notesI have been thinking about music and what we listen too. In recent years digital has really come to dominate the audio market. It has revolutionized the audio-book market and subscription markets.

I know longer own any tapes or cd’s and our Itunes library languishes unopened except for when I want to listen to an old song not available on Spotify. My listening is either done through loading up Youtube videos, Spotify, or for audio-books via Audible.

It must be hard for musicians to get their cut from services like Spotify. It seems easier to work out what the artist is owed by sales of albums. How many people by CDs though these days? Or purchase their Music. If I was to buy music again I think I would collect vinyl records.

Part of this wondering is from two random streams of thought. Currently we buy all our PC Games via Steam, and we have a single library and account. Yet soon our largest will want to leave and we will want to separate out the library. Which will be complex. And what happens if you have joint digital archive and split from your partner. How do you divide an Itunes library? We think now that we will set up a Steam account now for Ms 10 so we don’t have this issue when she eventually leaves home.

The other thing was I made a Rainy Day playlist on Spotify and I hearkened back to the day’s of mix tapes (Guardians of the Galaxy folks). I guess playlists are similar. Do people make playlists for others? Maybe I should make a playlist for Kylie 🙂


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