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To Binge Read/Watch Or Not To – A Very Porridge Question

Longmire-Season-4-Could-Be-Revived-at-Amazon-or-NetflixWhen one discovers a new series, whether it be a TV series or book series, one is faced with a very difficult choice. To consume it all NOW and FAST or to pass it out.

I find this very difficult. With short series it’s very easy to binge consume, but with longer ones you face the danger of burn out. And then when it’s all over how long till one re-consumes.

Currently we are watching Longmire on Netflix, a most excellent series with five seasons.  I am trying to eek it out so not to suffer from burn out and also to draw out the enjoyment. Delay gratification is good they say.  But it is hard not to WATCH ALL THE EPISODES VERY QUICKLY.

Also might need to find the books…