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Road Trips Are Good – Must Go On One Some Day Soon

I do like a good road trip. Sadly the rest of the family isn’t so fond of them 😆

Back when we were younger and not with children and kids we would occasionally do long trips in short time. One weekend I decided to go home for tea, from Wellington to Whangarei. We left earlyish Saturday, arrived at the parents in time for tea, and left at around 4am in the morning so I could get back to Wellington in time for work on Sunday afternoon.

brynderwynThere are some really cool bits about driving in the early mornings. I think there is nothing quite as magical as driving in the very early morning hours on the open road, when there are few folks around. Especially on clear nights with full moons. I remember one trip where we hit the desert road around 4am, the night was crisp and clear and the moon glowed on the mountain tops. Driving around Lake Taupo was also a special thing at that time of the morning. Closer to Wellington the coast road between Porirua and Paraparumu is glorious especially when the sun is rising and Kapiti Island sits squat against the sea. I often can imagine Waka cleaving the waters. Near Whangarei the best part is coming over the Brynderwyn Hills and seeing the pains stretching towards Marsden Point and Whangarei.

Another lovely bit is favourite stops. We stopped regularly at Brown Sugar in Taihape or Otaki and had sausage rolls and coffee. There’s a BP on the Southern Motorway where I like to stop to fill up and also have a drink.

I don’t though think the weather is the best for a road trip at the moment, and doing it over a holiday weekend is always a bad idea.


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