Doggy Hunting – Where We Try and See Puppies

Our old Lab is getting on towards 11 and nearing the end of her days. I we are lucky we will get another 2 maybe 3 years with her. As such there has been much talk about a new canine companion. Verily there has been much contemplation on breeds, good breeders and family suitability. We will not get a puppy from a evil puppy farmer and our best dogs have been rescue dogs. So much to think about.

shih-tzu-breed-picture-1So far we have considered getting Shih Tzu and even went on a waiting list but we think that will not work out. To far down the list and it looks like the mother didn’t get pregnant on the latest try.

White German Shepherd Dog pupsTomorrow we are going to look at a White Shepherd.

[Update seeing White Shepherd not White Alsatian. Not sure if there is a difference. There is a debate apparently]

[Update 2: After WWII the German Shepherd was renamed the Alsatian because of prejudice. So same breed]