The Wakeup In The Middle of The Night and Listen For Earthquakes Edition

Since that last large shake in the area I have found myself waking in the middle of the night and listening to the silence. The midnight creaks and groans of the house have me wondering if that’s the next quake. I even imagine the bed shaking when it’s not.

Articles like this one that talks about the potential “Big One” (not that the 7.8 was that small) don’t help. Yes we know we are due for a big rupture on the main fault lines. And naturally one wonders if the recent spike in shakes is either a precursor for the big shake. Are the shakes relieving pressure or building.

When one works in Wellington but lives in Carterton there is a little extra worry. What if hits when one is travelling through the tunnel under the hill. What if one can’t get home for several days. Yeah, still having a little #eqnz anxiety.

It’s been better but last night I had the first wake-up in a while. It probably didn’t help last night that there was excitement of new puppy coming today 😆


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