Closing In On A Whole Month Of Blogging

Cake with marshmallowAfter tomorrow I will have posted to the blog everyday. Now not every post is of exceptional content, but I still managed to find something to post every day. Some days where more of a struggle than others but that’s ok.

So in terms of kicking off blogging again that has been a success. I haven’t managed to write as much as I want in terms of fiction, nor have I posted to thee Library blog like I wanted to. With regards to the Diligent Room I guess I just don’t have anything to say about libraries at the moment.

It’s coming up on my birthday and that always triggers writing regrets. (I.e. regrets for not writing).  This year I am just going to chill about it. I have hopes that the blogging will kick over into writing. I am certainly plotting in my head more stories.

Time will tell as they say.


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