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Dear Somebody On The Left In Politics. I Want To Vote For You But You’re Making It Very Hard

Never talk about politics or religion. That’s what the saying is right? Well I’m going to talk politics. This isn’t going to be a long thoughtful piece of writing, just a short cry into the political wilderness in an election year.

The TL:DNR version is – I have no clue who to vote for.

The slightly longer is: I know I don’t want to vote National (time for a change and Bill’s conservative Catholicism is too much) whoever nobody else is leaping out to capture my vote.

The newly form TOP party almost had it until Garath Morgan opened his mouth and spewed ugliness.

What do I want to vote for them. Simply (or complexly) I would vote for a party that:

  • Advocates for wealth-fare/superannuation reform in the manner of introducing a Universal Basic Income
  • Tax reform including stripping away loopholes and reductions, introducing a Capital Gains Tax.
  • Advocated for free universal primary health care.
  • Listened to science on all matters not just their favorite hobby horses (yes I’m looking at you Green Party)
  • Had a balanced view of environmental issues and business issues
  • Advocated for a constitutional process to reform our government (encompasses head of state, flag, anthem, representation, Treaty of Waitangi) so we can move to a better post-colonial society
  • Didn’t pander to racists, bigots, douches, misogynists or include them in their party , or make deals with parties that include them (looking at you Labour)
  • The principle mouthpiece driving force is an egotistical middle aged douche bro (looking at TOP)
  • The principle mouthpiece driving force is an egotistical elderly racist lying douche bro (looking at NZ First)

Is that too hard to ask?

Last time I voted Maori party and I may again. Who knows.