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In Which I Briefly Talk About Having A Rainbow Family and How Unjust It Is That The Kids Keep Having To Come Out

rainbowOne of the aspects of raising a Rainbow family is becoming aware of just how many times the kids have to Out themselves if they want to live openly.  It’s also becoming aware of how often they have to, and will have to, make judgement calls as to how safe that coming out is.

Having blithely danced my way through life being a mostly het (I’ve never met a guy I was attracted too but wouldn’t rule it out in some hypothetical world so 95% straight) cis guy I thought the most that LGBTQI+ folks would have to come out would be maybe three or four times (family, friend, work). But I’m now acutely aware how wrong I was.

I wish my kids didn’t have to go through this and have hopes that they will see a time where there is no need to think “will I be safe if I tell people about myself.” Even better would be world where people didn’t have to come out.


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