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In Which I Get A Tattoo And Think Some More Upon Things

Leading up to my 44th birthday I decided to finally get the tattoo I have often times talked about.

Now I don’t deal well with needles or pain and so even though I have wanted a tattoo for the longest time I had never got one. I could have always prioritised the money and time to book a sessions but always put it off. Now was the time though.

Firstly I have always felt the best tattoos suit the person and mean something to the wearer. I have had ideas, and now I have one I may revisit some others, which have resonated with me. What I really wanted was a simple text tattoo with the Star Wars quote “Do or do not, there is no try”.

What does the tattoo mean for me then. Well it is a permanent reminder that I can actually do something that I want to do but that scares me. Also the first line works to tell me that if I want to do something I need to either do it or not do it. That I can set down to do something and if I fail that’s ok. It’s the doing that’s important.

The session itself was quick and will at times painful it was mostly all right. Like a lot of things you build them up in your head to a much larger scale than they need to be.

Anyho that’s that.


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