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Utilising the Tools To Create An Efficient Lifestyle: I.E. Not a Diet, Really. It’s Not.

weetbixEvery now and then I go on mostly useless health kicks where I say I will change stuff and don’t. I don’t believe in the long term effectiveness of diets as they tend only lead to yo-yo weight fluctuations. So having turned 44 and very much aware I’m not as fit and healthy as I should be (also the last time I had my sugars tested they proved to be higher than what is wanted) and so not wanting to develop diabetes I am on another healthy living kick.

The tick is to not diet but to make changes. I want to make meaningful changes but sometimes it’s hard to track them. having recently acquired a newfangled communications device that has a nifty app that helps you keep track of things like steps, food and water intake. And because I know the formula is calories in should be no more than calories out I have decided to start tracking my food and calorie intake/output. It’s not a diet per say more establishing a base line and as I do it I will make changes to what and how I eat to ensure that the formula is trending in the positive health direction.

It does mean I will need to try and figure out the calories on some things but I’m sure I can do this…


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