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Technology Distractions And Mobile Games And Tiny Screens

clash.jpgOn my smart phone I allow myself two gaming distractions. If I allowed more I would probably spend even more time gaming on it and poor Kylie and the family would be not best pleased. 😆

Currently I play Clash of Clans and Candy Crush. I’m in a clan of older gamers in Clash to avoid teen and early twenties douchery. I like building my base up and planning next upgrades.  Raiding can be fun but it isn’t my primary enjoyment. Clash is the primary game I play while Candy Crush is the secondary. I am quietly pleased that of my friends on Facebook who have linked their Candy Crush I have made the most progress (Level 1734). That is my small competitive streak showing. Mostly I just like unlocking stages.  If there is a new game I want to play I usually stop play Candy Crush for a while.

What I won’t do is spend money on the games. I can see how easily micro-transactions would add up. I will buy games out right but not do micro-transactions.

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When @ParryKylie Acquired A Box of Knitting Patterns and We Made Captions

Recently at the charity book sale Kylie rescued a box of knitting patterns. There must be over 250 patterns in the box. Last night as her and Grandma Sue had a shifty through the box she started coming up with amusing and dodgy captions for the cover images. I started tweeting them and they were moderately popular. Look at this little spike in my Twitter interactions.Capture

The best one though was this cover. We are still not sure what is in her mouth.



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Road Trips Are Good – Must Go On One Some Day Soon

I do like a good road trip. Sadly the rest of the family isn’t so fond of them 😆

Back when we were younger and not with children and kids we would occasionally do long trips in short time. One weekend I decided to go home for tea, from Wellington to Whangarei. We left earlyish Saturday, arrived at the parents in time for tea, and left at around 4am in the morning so I could get back to Wellington in time for work on Sunday afternoon.

brynderwynThere are some really cool bits about driving in the early mornings. I think there is nothing quite as magical as driving in the very early morning hours on the open road, when there are few folks around. Especially on clear nights with full moons. I remember one trip where we hit the desert road around 4am, the night was crisp and clear and the moon glowed on the mountain tops. Driving around Lake Taupo was also a special thing at that time of the morning. Closer to Wellington the coast road between Porirua and Paraparumu is glorious especially when the sun is rising and Kapiti Island sits squat against the sea. I often can imagine Waka cleaving the waters. Near Whangarei the best part is coming over the Brynderwyn Hills and seeing the pains stretching towards Marsden Point and Whangarei.

Another lovely bit is favourite stops. We stopped regularly at Brown Sugar in Taihape or Otaki and had sausage rolls and coffee. There’s a BP on the Southern Motorway where I like to stop to fill up and also have a drink.

I don’t though think the weather is the best for a road trip at the moment, and doing it over a holiday weekend is always a bad idea.

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To Binge Read/Watch Or Not To – A Very Porridge Question

Longmire-Season-4-Could-Be-Revived-at-Amazon-or-NetflixWhen one discovers a new series, whether it be a TV series or book series, one is faced with a very difficult choice. To consume it all NOW and FAST or to pass it out.

I find this very difficult. With short series it’s very easy to binge consume, but with longer ones you face the danger of burn out. And then when it’s all over how long till one re-consumes.

Currently we are watching Longmire on Netflix, a most excellent series with five seasons.  I am trying to eek it out so not to suffer from burn out and also to draw out the enjoyment. Delay gratification is good they say.  But it is hard not to WATCH ALL THE EPISODES VERY QUICKLY.

Also might need to find the books…

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Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try – Or To Ink Or Not To Ink

I quite like tattoos, and over the years have thought about getting one.

I haven’t yet for several reasons.

Firstly I don’t like needles or pain.

Secondly I haven’t found the image I wanted tattooed yet. Well almost haven’t. I’d quite like the pink badger with wings but haven’t found someone to ink it on me. Nor am I sure where to ink it. Part of that problem is that I have this weird body image issue where I think I should be ripped and buff and all muscle for a tattoo to look good on me even tough in general I don actually think that for anybody else.  Over the years I’ve wanted a dragon but haven’t found the dragon for me.

Lastly money. I haven’t been able to justify the expense.

With tattoos I quite like little ones. You know where someone has just a small something on the arm. I like traditional tattoos as long as they aren’t on somebody doing cultural appropriation. I don’t really understand tattoos on people’s back as the wearer can’t see them, although I like a good symmetrical tat on the upper or lower back. I also like text tattoos, although they should be in a language you actually understand and have been inked on by someone who also understands and knows the proper spelling. 😆

My current tattoo want is the quote “Do or do not, there is no try.” I’ve wanted it for a long time but have never got the courage.

I can see it though now when I’m 70 or something finally deciding to get it, and being slightly tipsy going in and asking for “Do or do not, or something like that,” and the next day going why the Feck have I got “Do or do not, or something like that,” tattooed on me. 😆

Maybe I should get it inked on before that happens…


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Insert Vaguely Witty Headline or ClickBait: You Won’t Believe What Happened Next


It’s all been a bit Weetbix this week so I thought I would go a bit more light hearted today. Or maybe post something Clickbaity. Or Witty. I wonder if I could monetize this blog if I got very Clickbaity?

I could go all SEO and fill the tags with random high use tags. It would be amusing – maybe. To me. 😆

So obviously I’m in a bit of a lose what to write today.

So check out Phoebe and her Unicorn web comic series: It’s awesome.

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The One Where One Admits to Ones Bad Tastes: Wrestlemania

Most people have something that they like that they think others will give them side-eyes for. Often they are right. 😆

wrestlemaniaFor me one of my fandoms is wrestling. Big, loud, American, WWE wrestling. So today I have taken annual leave to watch Wrestlemania. Six hours of wrestling including the pre-show. From 9 till 3. I will be eaten bad food, and drinking copious amounts of Coke Zero.

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Naked Girls Reading Revisited

When this morning I was looking at the site stats I was not that un-surprised to see that this post about Naked Girls Reading was the near the top most visited post on this blog 😉 must be something about having the words naked and girls in and title. It was nice to see though that the most visited post was a Chocolate Brownie Recipe.

NGRIt reminded me that Naked Girls Reading had come to New Zealand and that indeed the next one is this month on April the 22nd in Wellington. The News Zealand one has involved folks I follow on Twitter and it’s really nice to see it being used as transformative art where the reader was looking to reclaim their own body image. I’m still not sure I could go though, as I’d be too embarrassed especially if I know a performer.

It also had me thinking about a Naked Boys Reading type event. Not in a “What about the menz” way though. I would be just curious to see if there would be any desire for that sort of performance. There doesn’t seem to be a call for men’s burlesque as there is for women’s. I wondered if there could be complications with a men’s version. I think there is a whole exploration of the differences in types of stripping and respectability that someone much more knowledgeable than I should look at. Also what if all those eyes on you resulted in an erection. Or maybe the opposite. And men’s self worth being sometimes overly tied to size would also cause difficulties. I imagine you would stage the reading in a way to prevent that but it would add complications.

Also I was wondering why it is called Naked Girls Reading – why not Naked Women Reading? Which also had me considering the male equivalent. Would it be Naked Boys or Naked Men. And would the name make people more or less likely to attend or perform?

In any event I certainly doubt I would be brave enough to read at a Naked Boys Reading if they asked for volunteers like they do for Naked Girls Reading.  😳

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5.45 AM Sunday Morning and What Does One Do? Check Out Blog Stats Of Course.

We are up at 5am this Sunday morning due to having to pick up a friend from the States from Wellington Airport. So of course while having breakfast I decide to randomly nosy at my blog stats.

Some cool things I have found are.

The top all time blog posts:

Chocolate Brownies 2,820
Naked Girls Reading 2,396
Sausage And Bean Breakfast Pie: So Bad It Must Be Good 1,877
The Case Of The Antique Binoculars 1,251
The Doom Of Cakes – Where Have All The Liquorice Straps Gone? 485
Puftaloons 417
Baking: A Sponge Cake With A Marshmallow Filling 367
The Art of Manliness and How to Give Flowers Like a Victorian Gentleman 269
Gemini No Longer 244

Also look at the world map. There are some interesting places folks have read my little blog from.