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Utilising the Tools To Create An Efficient Lifestyle: I.E. Not a Diet, Really. It’s Not.

weetbixEvery now and then I go on mostly useless health kicks where I say I will change stuff and don’t. I don’t believe in the long term effectiveness of diets as they tend only lead to yo-yo weight fluctuations. So having turned 44 and very much aware I’m not as fit and healthy as I should be (also the last time I had my sugars tested they proved to be higher than what is wanted) and so not wanting to develop diabetes I am on another healthy living kick.

The tick is to not diet but to make changes. I want to make meaningful changes but sometimes it’s hard to track them. having recently acquired a newfangled communications device that has a nifty app that helps you keep track of things like steps, food and water intake. And because I know the formula is calories in should be no more than calories out I have decided to start tracking my food and calorie intake/output. It’s not a diet per say more establishing a base line and as I do it I will make changes to what and how I eat to ensure that the formula is trending in the positive health direction.

It does mean I will need to try and figure out the calories on some things but I’m sure I can do this…

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Twitter Poll Races – Number Three Always Wins

I have noticed in those Twitter poll races where you have four of the same emoji as the four voting options that number three always wins.


Evidence being:


So I did too polls to test the theory and lo three won both:



I wonder why…

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In Which I Get A Tattoo And Think Some More Upon Things

Leading up to my 44th birthday I decided to finally get the tattoo I have often times talked about.

Now I don’t deal well with needles or pain and so even though I have wanted a tattoo for the longest time I had never got one. I could have always prioritised the money and time to book a sessions but always put it off. Now was the time though.

Firstly I have always felt the best tattoos suit the person and mean something to the wearer. I have had ideas, and now I have one I may revisit some others, which have resonated with me. What I really wanted was a simple text tattoo with the Star Wars quote “Do or do not, there is no try”.

What does the tattoo mean for me then. Well it is a permanent reminder that I can actually do something that I want to do but that scares me. Also the first line works to tell me that if I want to do something I need to either do it or not do it. That I can set down to do something and if I fail that’s ok. It’s the doing that’s important.

The session itself was quick and will at times painful it was mostly all right. Like a lot of things you build them up in your head to a much larger scale than they need to be.

Anyho that’s that.

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Looking Forward to A Long Birthday Weekend

Cake with marshmallowIt’s my birthday next Tuesday and we kind of really love birthdays. So I’m looking forward to it very much.

One of the things we try to do is have leave on each others birthdays so we can just do what we want. This year I’m being especially indulgent and taking the Monday off as well so that I can have a long birthday weekend.

There’s a bonus of a WWE pay-per-view show that I can watch on Monday on the WWE Network if I want. Although this one’s matches are not spinning my wheels so I may give it a pass.

For the birthday I’m planning much eating. For tea we will go to Lone Star so that I can have a big steak not cooked by me. For breakfast I am toying with taking family to a cafe so I can have eggs Benedict.  Lunch will be something light at home, maybe a pie. I have to think on whether to cake or not.

Now excuse me while go back to plotting and planning and scheming… 🙂


I may want a marshmallow cake with marshmallow frosting


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Dear Somebody On The Left In Politics. I Want To Vote For You But You’re Making It Very Hard

Never talk about politics or religion. That’s what the saying is right? Well I’m going to talk politics. This isn’t going to be a long thoughtful piece of writing, just a short cry into the political wilderness in an election year.

The TL:DNR version is – I have no clue who to vote for.

The slightly longer is: I know I don’t want to vote National (time for a change and Bill’s conservative Catholicism is too much) whoever nobody else is leaping out to capture my vote.

The newly form TOP party almost had it until Garath Morgan opened his mouth and spewed ugliness.

What do I want to vote for them. Simply (or complexly) I would vote for a party that:

  • Advocates for wealth-fare/superannuation reform in the manner of introducing a Universal Basic Income
  • Tax reform including stripping away loopholes and reductions, introducing a Capital Gains Tax.
  • Advocated for free universal primary health care.
  • Listened to science on all matters not just their favorite hobby horses (yes I’m looking at you Green Party)
  • Had a balanced view of environmental issues and business issues
  • Advocated for a constitutional process to reform our government (encompasses head of state, flag, anthem, representation, Treaty of Waitangi) so we can move to a better post-colonial society
  • Didn’t pander to racists, bigots, douches, misogynists or include them in their party , or make deals with parties that include them (looking at you Labour)
  • The principle mouthpiece driving force is an egotistical middle aged douche bro (looking at TOP)
  • The principle mouthpiece driving force is an egotistical elderly racist lying douche bro (looking at NZ First)

Is that too hard to ask?

Last time I voted Maori party and I may again. Who knows.

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Technology Distractions And Mobile Games And Tiny Screens

clash.jpgOn my smart phone I allow myself two gaming distractions. If I allowed more I would probably spend even more time gaming on it and poor Kylie and the family would be not best pleased. 😆

Currently I play Clash of Clans and Candy Crush. I’m in a clan of older gamers in Clash to avoid teen and early twenties douchery. I like building my base up and planning next upgrades.  Raiding can be fun but it isn’t my primary enjoyment. Clash is the primary game I play while Candy Crush is the secondary. I am quietly pleased that of my friends on Facebook who have linked their Candy Crush I have made the most progress (Level 1734). That is my small competitive streak showing. Mostly I just like unlocking stages.  If there is a new game I want to play I usually stop play Candy Crush for a while.

What I won’t do is spend money on the games. I can see how easily micro-transactions would add up. I will buy games out right but not do micro-transactions.

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When @ParryKylie Acquired A Box of Knitting Patterns and We Made Captions

Recently at the charity book sale Kylie rescued a box of knitting patterns. There must be over 250 patterns in the box. Last night as her and Grandma Sue had a shifty through the box she started coming up with amusing and dodgy captions for the cover images. I started tweeting them and they were moderately popular. Look at this little spike in my Twitter interactions.Capture

The best one though was this cover. We are still not sure what is in her mouth.



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Road Trips Are Good – Must Go On One Some Day Soon

I do like a good road trip. Sadly the rest of the family isn’t so fond of them 😆

Back when we were younger and not with children and kids we would occasionally do long trips in short time. One weekend I decided to go home for tea, from Wellington to Whangarei. We left earlyish Saturday, arrived at the parents in time for tea, and left at around 4am in the morning so I could get back to Wellington in time for work on Sunday afternoon.

brynderwynThere are some really cool bits about driving in the early mornings. I think there is nothing quite as magical as driving in the very early morning hours on the open road, when there are few folks around. Especially on clear nights with full moons. I remember one trip where we hit the desert road around 4am, the night was crisp and clear and the moon glowed on the mountain tops. Driving around Lake Taupo was also a special thing at that time of the morning. Closer to Wellington the coast road between Porirua and Paraparumu is glorious especially when the sun is rising and Kapiti Island sits squat against the sea. I often can imagine Waka cleaving the waters. Near Whangarei the best part is coming over the Brynderwyn Hills and seeing the pains stretching towards Marsden Point and Whangarei.

Another lovely bit is favourite stops. We stopped regularly at Brown Sugar in Taihape or Otaki and had sausage rolls and coffee. There’s a BP on the Southern Motorway where I like to stop to fill up and also have a drink.

I don’t though think the weather is the best for a road trip at the moment, and doing it over a holiday weekend is always a bad idea.

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To Binge Read/Watch Or Not To – A Very Porridge Question

Longmire-Season-4-Could-Be-Revived-at-Amazon-or-NetflixWhen one discovers a new series, whether it be a TV series or book series, one is faced with a very difficult choice. To consume it all NOW and FAST or to pass it out.

I find this very difficult. With short series it’s very easy to binge consume, but with longer ones you face the danger of burn out. And then when it’s all over how long till one re-consumes.

Currently we are watching Longmire on Netflix, a most excellent series with five seasons.  I am trying to eek it out so not to suffer from burn out and also to draw out the enjoyment. Delay gratification is good they say.  But it is hard not to WATCH ALL THE EPISODES VERY QUICKLY.

Also might need to find the books…

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Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try – Or To Ink Or Not To Ink

I quite like tattoos, and over the years have thought about getting one.

I haven’t yet for several reasons.

Firstly I don’t like needles or pain.

Secondly I haven’t found the image I wanted tattooed yet. Well almost haven’t. I’d quite like the pink badger with wings but haven’t found someone to ink it on me. Nor am I sure where to ink it. Part of that problem is that I have this weird body image issue where I think I should be ripped and buff and all muscle for a tattoo to look good on me even tough in general I don actually think that for anybody else.  Over the years I’ve wanted a dragon but haven’t found the dragon for me.

Lastly money. I haven’t been able to justify the expense.

With tattoos I quite like little ones. You know where someone has just a small something on the arm. I like traditional tattoos as long as they aren’t on somebody doing cultural appropriation. I don’t really understand tattoos on people’s back as the wearer can’t see them, although I like a good symmetrical tat on the upper or lower back. I also like text tattoos, although they should be in a language you actually understand and have been inked on by someone who also understands and knows the proper spelling. 😆

My current tattoo want is the quote “Do or do not, there is no try.” I’ve wanted it for a long time but have never got the courage.

I can see it though now when I’m 70 or something finally deciding to get it, and being slightly tipsy going in and asking for “Do or do not, or something like that,” and the next day going why the Feck have I got “Do or do not, or something like that,” tattooed on me. 😆

Maybe I should get it inked on before that happens…