In Which We Say Goodbye To Our Old Dog Candy


We had our old dog Candy for nine years. She was two when she arrived in out family. Candy had been found wondering the back roads of Tararua district having been left on the side of the road by her previous owner. He had been going through a difficult divorce and she had eaten the lounge one day and he broke. He forgot she was microchipped and had told his ex Candy had died after being hit by a car. He got a bit of a shock when Dog Control rang from Dannevirke. He surrendered Candy to dog control and in the Pound she stayed.

I was working at the Dannevirke library at the time and we received an all council staff email asking if anybody wanted her. We had recently lost our older dog Jess and were not really looking for a new large dog. However a couple of weeks and emails later one came around saying if no one took her she would be put to sleep the next day. Kylie and I decided to go see her and then took her home on trial. ­čść Um yeah about that trial thing.

So she was a great dog. She had a gentle way with her and had obviously been well trained. Except to the lead. She never really mastered that. Like many Labradors she was a great doofus of a dog who was really, really motivated by food. Jess, when we had taken her into our home, was an obese Border Collie and we didn’t want to have Candy become a ┬átypical fat Lab so we were really conscious of her food intake. We think, and the vets agreed, that’s why we had her till she was eleven and a half. We kept her active trim.

There are many fond memories of Candy. She loved it when we moved to the farmlet Entfarm. We would take her out into the orchard and she would chase the wind and leaves and grass and occasional rabbit or mouse. She loved the river, bounding in and out with great abandon with her great doggy smile.

She didn’t really like Wellington with the small property, and she got reactive to small dogs after a couple off their leads on walks tried to attack her. So she really appreciated coming to Carterton and the large property we bought.

It’s going to be difficult eating toast for a while as she liked to wait patiently while you ate yours hoping for toast corners. ┬áShe was such a dog that even the non dog people in the family loved her.

We had noticed she had started to slow down over the last months and last week took her to the vets. She was obviously uncomfortable. Her behaviour began to change, and she took to hiding in corners behind curtains. We found out she had arthritis in her paws and shoulder. We started the magic drug with a side order of pain killers, but we already knew we didn’t want to do what we did with Jess. Jess’s last months were not great and we always regretted not letting her go sooner.

The drugs seemed to work and then we gave her a pain killer. She bounded around with great joy but the next day was so much worse. She even tried to get through the fence to attack the neighbours dog which was not like her at all. She wanted to play but just sat and looked at the toys and yard sadly. We realised that we were already on that path of trying to decide which days she could be on pain relief and which days would be trying to distract her from the pain.

We decided we didn’t want that for her. She had been such a good dog for us and she didn’t understand. Her great goofy doofus doggy smile had been gone for a while and now we just had sad brown eyes. So we made the hard decision to call the vet and have them come put her to sleep for one last time.

Hopefully now she is asleep up in a great field chasing rabbits, rolling in mud, eating all she can desire and jumping in pools. We have a large Labrador sized hole in our hearts.


I Missed A Really Obvious Post Yesterday Due To Sick Puppy

jawamaythe4th_1xYesterday NZ time was May the 4th and I missed an obvious post due to the fact our puppy had an upset stomach and needed taking to vets and so you know – life.

Hence today we say “May the 4th be With You” which is belated for the Kiwis and on time for the Americans.

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Dear Somebody On The Left In Politics. I Want To Vote For You But You’re Making It Very Hard

Never talk about politics or religion. That’s what the saying is right? Well I’m going to talk politics. This isn’t going to be a long thoughtful piece of writing, just a short cry into the political wilderness in an election year.

The TL:DNR version is – I have no clue who to vote for.

The slightly longer is: I know I don’t want to vote National (time for a change and Bill’s conservative Catholicism is┬átoo much) whoever nobody else is leaping out to capture my vote.

The newly form TOP party almost had it until Garath Morgan opened his mouth and spewed ugliness.

What do I want to vote for them. Simply (or complexly) I would vote for a party that:

  • Advocates for wealth-fare/superannuation reform in the manner of introducing a Universal Basic Income
  • Tax reform including stripping away loopholes and reductions, introducing a Capital Gains Tax.
  • Advocated for free universal primary health care.
  • Listened to science on all matters not just their favorite hobby horses (yes I’m looking at you Green Party)
  • Had a balanced view of environmental issues and business issues
  • Advocated for a constitutional process to reform our government (encompasses head of state, flag, anthem, representation, Treaty of Waitangi) so we can move to a better post-colonial society
  • Didn’t pander to racists, bigots, douches, misogynists or include them in their party , or make deals with parties that include them (looking at you Labour)
  • The principle mouthpiece driving force is an egotistical middle aged douche bro (looking at TOP)
  • The principle mouthpiece driving force is an egotistical elderly racist lying┬ádouche bro (looking at NZ First)

Is that too hard to ask?

Last time I voted Maori party and I may again. Who knows.

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Lemon Chicken: There is Little In The Way of Good Takeaways To Be Found

Lemon-Chicken_13754I had a bit of stress craving for Lemon Chicken tonight so off we went to find some. Somewhere local. Sadly it was not great. In fact we haven’t really found a decent local takeaway joint. All the local Fish and Chip shops are bad and the best option is in Masterton 20 minutes up the road.

The KFC in Masterton is good though, and the local Indian is pretty tasty but very expensive. Once a week there is a mobile pizza van that comes past which is yum. The good news is we will spend less on takeaways.

One of the local fish and chip shops has recently changed hands and is currently closed for refurbishment. There is hope it will re-open as a good one. Please.

Otherwise it will be road trips for fish and chips…


Closing In On A Whole Month Of Blogging

Cake with marshmallowAfter tomorrow I will have posted to the blog everyday. Now not every post is of exceptional content, but I still managed to find something to post every day. Some days where more of a struggle than others but that’s ok.

So in terms of kicking off blogging again that has been a success. I haven’t managed to write as much as I want in terms of fiction, nor have I posted to thee Library blog like I wanted to. With regards to the Diligent Room I guess I just don’t have anything to say about libraries at the moment.

It’s coming up on my birthday and that always triggers writing regrets. (I.e. regrets for not writing). ┬áThis year I am just going to chill about it. I have hopes that the blogging will kick over into writing. I am certainly plotting in my head more stories.

Time will tell as they say.

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Technology Distractions And Mobile Games And Tiny Screens

clash.jpgOn my smart phone I allow myself two gaming distractions. If I allowed more I would probably spend even more time gaming on it and poor Kylie and the family would be not best pleased. ­čść

Currently I play Clash of Clans and Candy Crush. I’m in a clan of older gamers in Clash to avoid teen and early twenties douchery. I like building my base up and planning next upgrades. ┬áRaiding can be fun but it isn’t my primary enjoyment. Clash is the primary game I play while Candy Crush is the secondary. I am quietly pleased that of my friends on Facebook who have linked their Candy Crush I have made the most progress (Level 1734). That is my small competitive streak showing. Mostly I just like unlocking stages. ┬áIf there is a new game I want to play I usually stop play Candy Crush for a while.

What I won’t do is spend money on the games. I can see how easily micro-transactions would add up. I will buy games out right but not do micro-transactions.

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The One Where We Talk To The Vet And It’s OK for Old Dog

20170427_150757We took the old dog Candy to the vet with many fears and anxieties over her ongoing arthritis. Coming out we are much calmer. She has arthritis in her paws and joints, but it isn’t too bad yet. In fact she is in pretty good shape for age.

We can put her on a course of magic drug injections with no side effects that will keep her going, and when she has a painful day we can give her panadol of all things.

It’s only when she needs to go on┬áanti-inflammatories that we will need to have the big talk and that is awhile away yet.

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In Which We Are Not In Denial Over How Old and Sore Our Old Dog Is

Candy as a young dog

Kylie and I have been in denial for a wee while about how old our old dog is. Candy is a Labrador and is nearly 11 years and 6 months old which is pretty good for a Lab. We have been noticing a steady decline in her demeanor and mobility over the last few months, with her bounciness and happy dogy grin disappearing more and more.

It takes her a day or so to recover from being taken for a walk, and when she want s to play she lasts a couple of throws of the ball before retreating for a nap. She has taken to hiding behind curtains which is odd but slightly cute if worrying. She has been great with the pup but her tolerance is rapidly fading.

We had another old dog, Jess, who also had this happen. (Aging what can you do). With Jess we put her on pain meds and probably extended her life by around 6 to 8 months. In hindsight though we have real doubts over if that was the right choice to make. Sure when she first went on drugs we saw an immediate lift but then the side effects hit in and the drugs needed to be stronger. Her quality of life really didn’t improve.

So now we after having been in denial about this we are faced with having to make the same choice again. The question we face is: if we put on meds who are we really doing it for? And is that the kindest option? Maybe we will be lucky and Candy won’t get all the bad side effects?

We will be talking to the vets this week to find out options, but we want her to go happy and not riddled with pain. It’s all very sad.