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So I have made some decisions. I have withdrawn from my course, as it just wasn’t there for me. I learnt what I wanted to learn in the first course and while I regret not getting the piece of paper, and having spent the money, I want to just get on with writing.

The short story I wrote the other evening, after some rereading and thinking, is going to be the basis of a new story called The Spiral Tattoo.  So I will have two on the go, but with no other pressures on at evening, the house all settled, I feel that I can get a real flow on. Heck if I get the same sort on numbers flowing out with any regularity then it will be hardly any time before I have finished one if not both of them. 🙂



I got my final grade for the first course in the “Writing for the Web” programme I am doing. I was very happy with my A 🙂

I am however feeling frustrated, grumpy and a little anxious with the second course in the programme. This course focuses on the technical side of writing rather than the coding side that the previous course taught. My first assignment is due after Easter and I am not very close to even starting it. I wonder if it is the nature of “writing” courses or the nature of this course, but I am finding it all very pointless. I am finding that I am not engaging with the content mainly because I think the delivery is really bad. 😦

Which of course leads to self absorbed posts like this, as I am finding I am sitting down to study, getting angry with the course, which leads me to get moody with the family, although it’s no fault of theirs.

I sort of want to quit the course, even though I have paid for it and the last day for withdrawing with a refund was yesterday, and I won’t get anything at the end, and just be happy with the A from the first course. Sigh

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We have had more progress this week. While we still don’t have steps into the house [we are using a step ladder 🙂 ] the walk-in pantry has been re-established, and the basic framing for the decking outside what used to be the front door, but is now the side door, has been put up.

I got my last marks back from my assignment, and didn’t do as well as the others. But still I did that one at the hight of moving so I am not to unhappy. Especially since my final mark will still be an A at about 75%.

The new course looks interesting [in the dubious sence], and I think I may have to make sure I don’t get to antsy about some of the [what I consider] sillier elements. It is writing for the web, and the way the course is structured is not how I would structure an academic professional course. Also it seems they have some very firm ideas on formating which contradict my firm ideas. 😆 You can’t win them all.

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More Study, More Writing and Mud

The next lot of study came through today for the new course as part of the Certificate in Web Design I am working my way through. Just in time to distract me from the nonexistent writing I was intending to do. Actually I am not going to be too hard on myself as we have been doing a lot, and it takes a surprising amount of energy to organise builders and plumbers. But be that as it may, now we are out here and starting to settle, it’s time to get back to work. 🙂

A while ago I decided that my nightmare was going to be grass. The E.I.C has decided that her nightmare is dirt and mud. We have a nice layer of topsoil, with a really firm clay base, which with all the trench’s that have been dug, (at one point I thought I could shoot a WWI movie) a large amount has been disturbed, just right for the boys and dogs to traipse through the house. There is nothing more disheartening than to have freshly cleaned floors with little muddy tracks. 😆

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Marks And Future Focus

I got my mark from the second assignment yesterday, 45/50 or 90% or A+. It has been a while since I have had that good a mark, so feeling chuffed… 🙂

Postings this weekend will be infrequant as we work to moving day on Monday. Next week not at all, as I am unsure when we will be reconnected…

And have had great news… We can get Broadband!!! 🙂 O Happy Days… [Well they don’t guarantee we can, but we should be able to]

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House Marked Out, Assignment Two In The Can, And Caramel Slice Made

Productive day today! We met the builder on-site and pegged out the house outline. Exciting!

I also finished assignment two, and submitted it, so some more writing can now be done 🙂

The EIC and the smallest TBT baked a caramel slice, which I have been told is a goodun. Not being partial to caramel slice I would not be able to say 🙂

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Study, Writing, Birthdays and Time Wasters!

I have finished assignment two, well as much as I can at this point as I have to wait for one more response (it had a question were I needed to get three others to do some things), and while not overly pleased with bits, I think I have done the best job I can and will be pleased to submit it. I am not expecting the 86% I got for the first one. I will be happy just as long as I pass.

So that means back to writing this week. Tonight I want to get a lot done, so I think I will avoid playing any games on the new toy. We have only been renting, so we wont rent any this week which will make it easier. 😆

The hay has been gathered up into bales and taken, with us losing one tree in the process, with two more damaged.  We are trying to be philosophical about it all, as its probably not bad for our first year and not being out there to do maintenance.

The TBT are a bit bumptious after the birthday trip to Splash Planet in Hastings requested by the big birthday boy. I still don’t feel old enough to have a ten year old son. He had a great birthday and both boys were shattered when we got home.

I had an unsettling start to the weekend, as just close to closing I had to evict a drunk/stoned teenager/early twentysomething from the library, who wanted to “wait till closing and met me outside”. Sigh. Needless to say if he had been waiting I would have just called the police.  But after that everything settled down again for a good birthday/weekend. 

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Writing and Studying

It’s an interesting thing this writing process. After so many years of non-starts, and letting fear hold me back, I am finding the whole process much easier than I thought. It’s like a light bulb has gone on in the back of the mind and as soon as I sit down, I find it’s no problem to knock of the next little bit. I have finished chapter three, and today started chapter four. My target for the end of the week was another 3,000 words, and by friday night to be over 12,000. Well as of today I am at 11,300, and I am thinking I might be able to crack 15,000 by friday. Since friday I have already written 2,000 words.

The only thing holding back at the moment in study. I am beginning to resent having to study and have started to put it off. I think that will need to stop, as the course is interesting and what I am learning about web page design is going to be valuable for me in the long run. Even if now I have some regrets at starting the course, but I wasn’t to know that my writing would finally start to take the place in my life I thought it should 🙂

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A Good Weekend

I am very pleased with the weekend’s effort. I finished my assignment, a week before due date. Usually (as in pretty much every case previously) assignments are finished very early the morning of the day they are due. 🙂

I wrote just over 3000 words on the new novel, finishing chapter one, and getting a good start on number two. I am feeling quite positive about the writing, and I am looking to not good too bogged down in extraneous fiddling.  Although I already need a map, and as I can’t draw, I will need to find some sort of free online mapping programme that can produce a half way decent map 😆

Aims for this week:

  • Work through next module and start on one after that for course work.
  • Finish Chapter two, and get a good start on Chapter three of A Darkening Dawn
  • Bonus to feel really virtuous – Finish Chapter three and start Chapter four.
  • Word count aim: 3000 by Friday