Unsurprisingly I Have Thoughts on Gendering of Clothes and Toys

Yesterday this article made it way around my Twittersphere: My Daughter is not Transgender. She’s a Tomboy. Unsurprisingly for my stream it was met with a decent amount of disdain. The following tweet pretty much sums up my reaction to it –

There are many, many voices out there writing on this that are better than mine and easy to find.

What I keep coming back to are the questions: where has all this insistence of a super confined gender identity come from? Why are all the toys and clothes become so hyper gender rigid?

Back in the late 70’s and 80’s it seemed that gender didn’t matter that much. It didn’t matter if you were a Tom Boy or a Tabby Girl. Guys and girls were often in very similar clothes and toys didn’t seem so overtly gendered. (Maybe I have rose tinted glasses). It seemed fairly natural.

In the 90’s and 00’s it seemed to me to get more forced. Clothes and toys started to get more gendered and there was the start of the reaction against that.

Now it has got very extreme. Everything is gendered and is so wrong. Once upon a time Lego wasn’t gendered. Now it is. Girls must be princesses and boys a superhero. There is no give. And yet there is slowly forming a greater awareness of transgender and gender fluidity.

We need to grow with that awareness and work against the hypergendering of clothes and toys. We need to accept our children for who they are and let them tell us.



Never Put Off Till Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

Yesterday I had a great idea for a blog post, but as I had one lined up I didn’t write it. Today I can’t remember what it was and my blogging brain is stuck in a rut of what was that thing you were going to write.

This I am taking as another reminder to not put off until tomorrow what can be done today. Especially when you don’t have to hit publish on the day you write the blog post.

From today then if I get what i think is a great blog post idea I shall write even if I have posted the same day.

While looking for a picture I have found a whole heap from old posts. A bit of memory trip then.


Doggy Hunting – Where We Try and See Puppies

Our old Lab is getting on towards 11 and nearing the end of her days. I we are lucky we will get another 2 maybe 3 years with her. As such there has been much talk about a new canine companion. Verily there has been much contemplation on breeds, good breeders and family suitability. We will not get a puppy from a evil puppy farmer and our best dogs have been rescue dogs. So much to think about.

shih-tzu-breed-picture-1So far we have considered getting Shih Tzu and even went on a waiting list but we think that will not work out. To far down the list and it looks like the mother didn’t get pregnant on the latest try.

White German Shepherd Dog pupsTomorrow we are going to look at a White Shepherd.

[Update seeing White Shepherd not White Alsatian. Not sure if there is a difference. There is a debate apparently]

[Update 2: After WWII the German Shepherd was renamed the Alsatian because of prejudice. So same breed]

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When @ParryKylie Acquired A Box of Knitting Patterns and We Made Captions

Recently at the charity book sale Kylie rescued a box of knitting patterns. There must be over 250 patterns in the box. Last night as her and Grandma Sue had a shifty through the box she started coming up with amusing and dodgy captions for the cover images. I started tweeting them and they were moderately popular. Look at this little spike in my Twitter interactions.Capture

The best one though was this cover. We are still not sure what is in her mouth.



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Road Trips Are Good – Must Go On One Some Day Soon

I do like a good road trip. Sadly the rest of the family isn’t so fond of them 😆

Back when we were younger and not with children and kids we would occasionally do long trips in short time. One weekend I decided to go home for tea, from Wellington to Whangarei. We left earlyish Saturday, arrived at the parents in time for tea, and left at around 4am in the morning so I could get back to Wellington in time for work on Sunday afternoon.

brynderwynThere are some really cool bits about driving in the early mornings. I think there is nothing quite as magical as driving in the very early morning hours on the open road, when there are few folks around. Especially on clear nights with full moons. I remember one trip where we hit the desert road around 4am, the night was crisp and clear and the moon glowed on the mountain tops. Driving around Lake Taupo was also a special thing at that time of the morning. Closer to Wellington the coast road between Porirua and Paraparumu is glorious especially when the sun is rising and Kapiti Island sits squat against the sea. I often can imagine Waka cleaving the waters. Near Whangarei the best part is coming over the Brynderwyn Hills and seeing the pains stretching towards Marsden Point and Whangarei.

Another lovely bit is favourite stops. We stopped regularly at Brown Sugar in Taihape or Otaki and had sausage rolls and coffee. There’s a BP on the Southern Motorway where I like to stop to fill up and also have a drink.

I don’t though think the weather is the best for a road trip at the moment, and doing it over a holiday weekend is always a bad idea.

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Author Book Arrived – Verily We Did Squeee


Yesterday Kylie received her author copies of her latest story published by Lift Education. This time it was a shared reader called The Three Princesses and it’s one of my favourite of her stories. It’s only available though schools being a school reader but I think this one would make a great picture book.  Even more exciting we received two copies of the large version that the teacher uses to read along with the class.

The illustrations were done by Kat Chadwick and really, really work with the story.

Hence there was much bouncing and squeeeing in hour house last night.


Let Me Eat Cake – All The Cake


Family recipe chocolate. Chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream filling and frosting. Grated chocolate and shattered chocolate sprinkles.

A lovely colleague brought in a delicious cake today. One that I want to eat all of the cake. I love cake yes I do.

My favorite cakes are chocolate, with the more chocolate the better hence why the cake was heavenly.

I also like banana cake.

So now I am fixated on cake.