My writing projects. 

A Darkening Dawn: A Tale From The Seasons of Chaos

It is a time of darkness.

It is a time of chaos.

Kingdoms and empires are crumbling, as dynasties fall and the rule of law fades to a distant dream. Robert D’Lures, a mercenary born to a noble house, has lost everything, but soon he will find a cause to hold to. As lawlessness surrounds him, and the fires of battle consume those he has found to care for, can he create an oasis of order.  Can he cause a new dynasty to immerge from the ashes, or will the fledgling kingdom disappear before it has even begun?

Progress/Notes: My first project under the new writing regime. Above is what I hope to eventaullay form the basis for the blurb that sits on the back cover. First draft.


3 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Ah my brother and the realm of fantasy, what a natural and brilliant pair they make. They burb itself makes me quiver with anticipation; and in the world of fantasy, I have a feeling that I will look forward to reading this even more that I am already looking forward to finally seing the end of Raymond E. Feist’s Riftwar cycle (from the sounds of things there is only one more saga to go in the series)

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